Sinalco awards digital budget to JOM

Hamburg, 15.05.2019. The marketing managers of Deutsche Sinalco GmbH Markengetränke & Co. KG have commissioned the media agency group JOM Group to carry out various digital advertising activities.
The Hamburg office of the independent agency already implemented an initial test campaign last year, which will now be continued on a much more continuous basis in 2019.

In addition to increasing spontaneous brand awareness among young adults, the aim is to effectively expand the willingness to buy Sinalco in particular. The focus of the digital advertising measures is on North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the company’s most important sales regions.

The Sinalco in-house agency, which is responsible for the entire marketing mix of the classic soft drink and currently focuses on high-reach out-of-home advertising in the analog sector, has allocated the online campaign a gross budget in the lower seven-figure range. It is also responsible for creating the advertising media, while JOM is in charge of the digital media strategy. The online experts are combining addressable TV with web radio spots and a strong presence on mobile devices and in social media environments. The campaign starts in May, just in time for the warmer season, and will ensure continuous brand presence until the run-up to Christmas.

Heino Hövelmann, Managing Director at Deutsche Sinalco GmbH Markengetränke & Co. KG: “The middle generation has known us since childhood. Now we also want to significantly expand brand preference among digital natives aged 20-30. With a focus on digital advertising, we move accordingly in the media and environments that are part of everyday life for this target group.”

JOM founder and CEO Michael Jäschke is also happy about the collaboration: “Working for traditional brands is always something special. That’s why we’re really looking forward to the challenge of further strengthening the brand, especially in the young and critical target group.”

“The different media and formats of the campaign require very good coordination between creation and media in order to ultimately have an optimal effect. Here, the collaboration with Sinalco worked first-class,” adds Sai-Man Tsui, managing director digital at JOM.