Pinterest is a must in a good brand communication

We asked our colleague Alexandra Friebe, Digital Media Consultant at JOM Group, about brand communication on Pinterest. For her, it’s still incomprehensible why companies so often don’t consider Pinterest in their marketing mix and thus exclude it from the outset – in her opinion, that’s a big mistake. 

Alexandra, Pinterest is for you still an underestimated marketing channel, why?
We keep noticing that Pinterest is either not a topic of discussion for many companies or even not on their radar from the start. These companies don’t seem to be aware that the platform is now much more than just an image gallery where users can plan their wedding or find out about DIY projects. Pinterest is used by half a billion people worldwide and by 15 million people in Germany.

For which industries or brands is Pinterest marketing suitable?
The use of Pinterest as a communication or advertising channel is suitable for brands that want to be on the pulse of the times, follow current trends while taking place in an inspiring environment, and advertise contextually.

But it doesn’t always have to be a company that fulfills the typical Pinterest cliché with cooking recipes or interior design ideas. Financial groups can also use the advantages of the platform for themselves and convince with qualitative content.

Can medium-sized companies also boost their business with Pinterest?
Definitely they can! According to our own Pinterest evaluation, 67 percent of users in Germany have noticed marketing content on Pinterest and also bought something afterwards. Users go to Pinterest to try out new things, get new ideas, “save” them, and ultimately make a purchase.

What makes Pinterest so special for advertisers? Perhaps also in comparison to other popular social media channels?
There is currently a lot of discussion about TikTok. What speaks in favor of TikTok is that this is where GenZ is located and advertisers can address them more economically here, also in comparison to Instagram. This is exactly what is possible with Pinterest: The CPM and CPC models are often more attractive here than on Instagram. In addition, the branded content does not interfere too much, since it is played out contextually due to the keyword alignment and can therefore serve as a further source of inspiration.

Basically, however, the following applies: Respect the platform. Companies still tend to use one and the same ad on all channels. But the platforms function differently because the target groups are different. Companies should therefore pay more attention to the channels and their requirements. This is often neglected, especially in organic content creation.