JOM shows influencer video on commercial TV for the first time

Hamburg, April 02, 2019. The owner-managed media agency group JOM will broadcast a video of the influencer “Mamiseelen” on TV for the first time starting April 1st. This is a 30-second spot with various toy recommendations from the YouTube video vlogger. The spot will be broadcast on RTL II, Sky and various channels with an affinity to the target group. The target group is mothers with children up to 13 years old.

Particularly in the young target group, recommendations from influencers sometimes have a higher significance than classic advertising. Therefore, from JOM’s point of view, the next logical step is to take up this effect with the influencer TV approach in an authentic way, thus crossing a kind of border between TV and influencer marketing.

Mix of styles with “Influencer TV

“We want to surprise the TV audience with a YouTube star: Those who already know Nancy will be happy to see her again on a new channel and the others will be intrigued by the charming vlog-style home video format,” says JOM CEO Digital Sai-Man Tsui, explaining the TV influencer approach.

By means of “Influencer TV,” JOM combines the concentrated reach of commercial television with the high audience proximity of the popular YouTuber. Nancy lives with her family in Hamburg and has a considerable fan base: on YouTube and Instagram, 562,000 subscribers and 312,000 followers respectively follow her stories about her three children and turbulent family life.

A microsite launched at the same time will serve as a contact point for interested parties: Via the products can be ordered with just a few clicks through various stores.

“We understand “Influencer TV” as a kind of hybrid approach in which we combine the authenticity of influencer marketing with the reach of TV and also ensure direct sales,” adds JOM CEO Henning Ehlert.

All measurable data will be collected and analyzed. The first insights will probably be available at the JOM booth at the Online Marketing Rockstars on May 7th and 8th in Hamburg.