JOM defends media budget of LOTTO Hamburg GmbH

Hamburg, 08.01.2019. The Hamburg office of the JOM Group successfully defends the media budget of LOTTO Hamburg GmbH and will continue the cooperation that started in 2013.

In the future the team around Managing Director Roland Köster will continue to support the Hamburg LOTTO company in strategy as well as in planning and implementation of all offline and online advertising measures on a regional level. The goal is to continue to positively shape business development across the various products and in doing so to consolidate LOTTO Hamburg’s position as the leading gambling provider in Hamburg in a changing competitive environment.

LOTTO Hamburg and JOM have already been working together successfully for 6 years. In this process the agency has shown itself to be a communications specialist for the Hamburg area and has demonstrated a high level of competence in strategy, planning and analysis.

“We are pleased to continue working for a traditional company like LOTTO Hamburg, which operates responsibly, competently and professionally in the gambling market. With our services, we want to expand the corporate brand “LOTTO Hamburg” and the perception of the individual gambling offers in Hamburg. In a market characterized by increasing competition from online providers, this is certainly a challenge, but one we are very much looking forward to,” says JOM Managing Director Roland Köster.

The JOM team previously successfully prevailed in a multi-stage process (public tender procedure). The annual gross media budget is in the mid seven-digit euro range.