JOM Group defends media budget of AOK Rheinland/Hamburg

Hamburg, November 04, 2021. AOK Rheinland/Hamburg will continue to entrust its media budget to JOM Group, agency for hybrid marketing communications. As in the past four years, JOM will be responsible for the regionally based media strategy, planning and implementation, as well as media buying in the Rhineland (administrative districts of Düsseldorf and Cologne) and Hamburg business areas in the coming years. Operationally, the client will be served by JOM’s Hamburg and Düsseldorf offices. The budget was awarded on the basis of a Europe-wide, multi-stage tender process in which JOM was successful. The gross media budget is currently in the single-digit million range.

AOK Rheinland/Hamburg is one of 11 independent, regionally operating AOKs in Germany. With over three million private customers, it is the largest health insurer in North Rhine-Westphalia and the eighth largest health insurer in Germany. AOK Rheinland/Hamburg recently launched a multi-year communications campaign under the slogan “AOK – Gemacht für mein Leben” (“AOK – Made for my life”), focusing on the health insurer’s central brand values of “service” and “proximity”. In addition to managing the regional brand campaign, JOM supports AOK in acquiring new customers through target-group-specific product and information campaigns.

Dirk Hennes, Head of Marketing at AOK Rheinland/Hamburg: “During the entire tender process, JOM demonstrated a deep understanding of the market and target groups and presented solutions that will help us to expand our market position in our business areas. We were particularly impressed by the innovative and well-balanced branding and performance concept, which will help us position AOK even more strongly among policyholders as a modern, strongly customer- and service-oriented health insurance company and achieve our business goals.”

Markus Weber, Director Media Consulting at JOM: “The target groups of a health insurance company are extremely complex and heterogeneous in their needs and requirements, so a strategy and planning approach with a high degree of dynamization and individuality is required. With target group-specific contact routes and a harmonious relationship between branding and performance measures, we will manage to efficiently support AOK in achieving its goals.”

Dustin Tschentscher, Director Digital Media Consulting at JOM: “We are extremely pleased that we were able to repeatedly convince the team at AOK Rheinland/Hamburg of our approach, our approach and our regional expertise. After all, hardly any discipline has benefited as much from the digitalization of the media landscape in recent years as regional media planning. The ever-increasing fusion of digital and traditional media genres, as well as the mass of available consumer data, help us to convince people of the benefits of AOK with the right message as well as the appropriate service, according to their needs – whether for new customer acquisition or for retaining existing customers.”